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Put plain and simple our national immigration policy is broken. Our governments first priority and obligation should be to secure America’s borders and properly fund and implement our e-verify system. Due to our lack in sound immigration policies and failure to enforce the laws we currently have in place, illegal immigrants have become a huge burden to our tax payer dollars as they have manipulated our social security system and taken advantage of benefits like Medicare. We need to hold the federal government accountable and make them put Americans first.


There are two major points needing to be addressed when we talk about our national defense as a nation in terms of safety home and abroad and the national defense industry in the district. One of the unique things about Eastern Connecticut’s economy is the vast amount of national defense and government driven manufacturing companies. As someone who grew up blue collar and paid through college working at a steal plant, I understand the importance of strong manufacturing in an economy and the dangers of when that fails. Currently our representative has a long record of voting against bills that not only would help fuel our manufacturing sector in the district, but he has actually voted against bills that keep Americans home and abroad safer. Most recently Congressman Courtney failed to negotiate with the Navy on behalf of Electric Boat and lost 3 subs due to his lack of support for our defense budget and his efforts to impeach a sitting president. The original agreement was for 12 submarines however that has been reduced to 9 even though EB has approved and broken ground on an $850 million expansion. We need a representative who will vote to increase our defense budget and protect our nation from large potential tragedies and threats.


As a strong supporter and advocate of our bill of rights, I believe that the right to bear arms of any law-abiding American citizens should not be infringed upon. I am in full support of house resolutions such as H.R-38 which would protect and expand concealed carry laws state to state and once again I am against any laws restricting or criminalizing the possession of fire arms by law- abiding Americans. It is your right to protect your person, your property, and your family.


One of my top priorities as a congressional representative will be fighting for our veterans and their families to receive the care and benefits they have earned by serving our country. Not only do our hero’s deserve our gratitude they deserve to receive quality care and support from the V.A. Many close family members and friends of mine have served in our armed forces and come back home with wounds and scars that sometimes are not just physical. We need to work hard to increase the quality and efficiency of their support network and care, to address these issues and give our hero’s a clear and quick path to recovery. When they answered the call to serve they did it with urgency, we owe it to them to have the same sense of urgency when it comes to making sure they are taken care of and put first.

One of our top priorities in Eastern Connecticut needs to be our Jobs and Economy. Our National unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years an astounding 3.7% yet our districts is losing business. The unique thing about that statistic is that it is not because we do not have enough jobs, rather we do not have enough workers to fill those jobs. I have met with executives and small business owners from Putnam down to Madison and they all have the same issue, they can’t find and retain their skilled labor. We must fix our workforce deficit and revitalize our infrastructure through attracting private developers and commercial real estate investors who will reclaim and create new housing and retail markets that will attract, sustain, and keep millennials and their families living and working in Eastern CT.