For nearly 2 decades Eastern Connecticut has been misrepresented by someone who does not fight for our freedoms and the values our nation was founded upon. Nancy Pelosi and her agenda has been the top priority for our Congressional representative, I am running to make the people the priority. Together we can restore the American dream and value system that so many fought and died for. Together we can bring positive change to D.C.



I am in favor of protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

I believe that healthcare should be managed by our healthcare professionals, not politicians and special interest groups.

I am against socialized medicine for the simple fact that big Government does not and has not ever worked.  


I am against sanctuary cities and I do not support legislation that restricts our local authorities from cooperating with federal agencies such as ICE. We are a land of law and order and we must continue to support the rule of law.


As an adopted child and first time father, I know first hand the value of life and a precious child. I 100% oppose the public funding of Planned Parenthood and other organizations alike. Our tax dollars should not be the primary funding source for a private or non for profit organization. I personally believe that each life is precious and as priceless as the next, we always need to speak up for those with no voices. Therefore, I believe that we need to be educating our communities on the benefits and opportunities of adoption and teaching the value of a human life. 



We need to stop allowing Congress to run our bill up any higher. Each year we add about 1 Trillion dollars in debt, we can no longer afford the old Washington way of spend what you don’t have. 


As someone who has had many family members serve in our armed services and family members who were officers of the law, I fully support our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.



The DNC seems to think they can squeeze the pockets of the American people till nothing is left. They promise free college, free healthcare but they do not inform you of the financial ramifications that come with such promises of false grandeur. I oppose tax increases.


Defending our national security is a top priority not only for the economy of Eastern Connecticut as our industry relies on a strong defense budget, but a top priority for the safety of every American citizen.



The Federal government for too long has let down our heroes and mismanaged their care. We have failed and let down those who have put their lives on the line and given up so much for the freedoms we enjoy today. We must work hard to keep the promises we made to those who have fought for our nation, and we must do everything possible to ensure they receive the best care and treatments for their physical and mental health.



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